Science and Engineer Importance to Singapore

Singapore has boosted its water supply through water-recycling and also increased its land area by reclaiming land, all feats accomplished by engineers. And engineering will continue to be important for Singapore's future, as the country works towards becoming a smart nation and overcoming its lack of resources
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
(50th anniversary celebration of the IES)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award 2013

ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award
ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO)

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More information:

The ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award is created to confer recognition to outstanding engineers achievements within ASEAN countries. The award will be given to an organization or persons responsible for an outstanding engineering project in the ASEAN region. The basis for the award shall be an engineering achievement that demonstrates outstanding engineering skills which has made a significant contribution to the engineering progress and the quality of life in Asean. In making the selection, the following criteria will be give special consideration: Contribution to the well-being of people and communities; resourcefulness in planning and in the solution of design problems, pioneering in use of materials and methods innovations in planning, design and construction; unusual aspects and aesthetic values.


More information:
ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) is a non-govermental body. Its members are the engineering institutions and organisations of ASEAN countries with the following main objectives:
  • To promote goodwill and mutual understanding
  • To establish and develop a ASEAN baseline standard for the engineering profession with the objective of facilitating the mobility of the engineers within the ASEAN countries.

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