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Singapore has boosted its water supply through water-recycling and also increased its land area by reclaiming land, all feats accomplished by engineers. And engineering will continue to be important for Singapore's future, as the country works towards becoming a smart nation and overcoming its lack of resources
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
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Friday, November 25, 2022

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A*STAR: How to go to Innovation Factory by car

Direction to Innovation Factory. Created by Lim Jun Long & Co.
Direction to Innovation Factory @A*STAR's SIMTech. Created by Lim Jun Long & Co.

Innovation Factory Address

Level 1M, CleanTech Two Block B, 5 Cleantech Loop, 636732, Singapore

Google map directions:

Streetdirectory map directions:

Step by step driving direction

Follow the directions below if you are traveling by car, private hire, taxi. More details on getting to Innovation Factory: link (detailed instruction with video available)

Estimated 40 minutes from Singapore Changi Airport

Step One: Exit 36

Drive your vehicle to PIE expressway, exit at Jalan Bahar (Exit 36).
Refer to Google Street View

Step Two: Jalan Bahar

Turn right onto Jalan Bahar.
Refer to Google Street View

Step Three: Nanyang Ave

Turn left into Nanyang Ave.
Refer to Google Street View

Step Four: CleanTech View

Turn left to CleanTech View.
Refer to Google Street View

Step Five: CleanTech Loop

Turn left to CleanTech Loop.
Refer to Google Street View

Step Six: Carpark entrance

Turn left to at the carpark entrance.
Refer to Google Street View

Step Seven: Destination

Turn left after the first building to arrival at the destination.
Refer to Google Street View


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