Science and Engineer Importance to Singapore

Singapore has boosted its water supply through water-recycling and also increased its land area by reclaiming land, all feats accomplished by engineers. And engineering will continue to be important for Singapore's future, as the country works towards becoming a smart nation and overcoming its lack of resources
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
(50th anniversary celebration of the IES)
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This is also LIM Jun Long's Curriculum Vitae. 
Note: This page may not be updated in a timely manner.  

1. Education Background

  • 2011-2018
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • 2007-2010
    Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Honours (Distinction)
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • 2005
    Basic fixed-wing course
    Air force school, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Singapore
  • 2002-2005
    Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering
    Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
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2. Mentorship & Supervision

Students are from: 

Breakdown of students by year:
  • 2016: 18 students
  • 2015: 7 students
  • 2014: 3 students
  • 2013: 2 students

Students achievement:

3. Engineering & Research Projects

  • Industry projects: 4
  • Grant projects: 5
  • Overseas business trips: 2

4. Publication

Please search "Lim Jun Long" for more up to date publication in Google Scholar:
Due to any unforeseen circumstances, the list may be incomplete or not available online. Please contact him for the complete list.

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